We Can Answer Your Questions

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1. What will happen to my ScottradePRO account?

Scottrade and TD Ameritrade have dedicated resources to help you through this account transition, and a representative from Scottrade’s Active Trader Group will be reaching out to you soon to check-in and see if you need any help.

2. What are the benefits of moving to TD Ameritrade?

There are several benefits, including:

  • You get to keep your dedicated support from Scottrade’s Active Trader Group from start to finish. This is the service group currently supporting your ScottradePRO account that you have come to know and trust.
  • You’ll continue to benefit from low trading fees and commissions including the $0.50 per-contract fee with a $5 minimum base commission rate for options and $0.005 per share with a $5 minimum for equities.
  • You’ll gain access to industry-leading trading technology including the highly recognized thinkorswim® platform and Mobile Trader app designed for option traders like you.
  • You’ll eliminate most if not all of the pass-through fees that come from our clearing broker, such as streaming market data and exchange fees, saving you money.
  • We’ll provide exceptional transition services to make opening and funding your new TD Ameritrade account as effortless as possible.


These are only a few of the important benefits you’ll enjoy as a TD Ameritrade client. Click here to learn more.

3. What if I want to test out the trading platform before moving my assets?

TD Ameritrade offers a way to test the platform before you commit live money. It’s called paperMoney®. You can use this virtual trading platform to place “paper” trades and test the full power of its tools like option strategy screeners combined with powerful fundamental research tools.

4. I have more questions about the TD Ameritrade acquisition. Where can I find answers?

Visit the TD Ameritrade Transition Hub for questions and answers catered specifically to you, our active trader.

5. Are there any fees to move my account to TD Ameritrade?

No. Scottrade will waive any ACATS or wire transfer fees to help you move your money as quickly and seamlessly as possible.

6. What will happen if I do nothing?

If you choose to take no action, your account will remain with our clearing broker and you'll lose access to Scottrade’s Active Trader Group who can help you with all your complex option trading needs.

7. What fees are changing that I need to know about?

You'll experience no change to your pricing structure. You'll continue to benefit from the same competitive commissions and margin rates. If you have negotiated pricing, this will remain in effect under most circumstances and if there are any changes, you can expect notification.

While your primary commissions and fees will stay the same, in moving your account to TD Ameritrade you'll be eliminating many of the pass-through fees you are charged by your Scottrade clearing broker, such as streaming market data fees, exchange fees and more.

Some account service and operational fees may change. To review the new rates, please visit rates and fees.